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  • What makes Water Babies different from other survival swim programs?
    Water Babies is family owned business who prides itself on using gentle techniques when teaching your child. Children who start off reluctant will find comfort in our ways and are more receptive to learning the techniques while children who are eager to go-go-go will move at their own pace as well.
  • What is survival swim?
    Survival Swimming is the ability to float and breathe. regardless of the water's depth, for an indefinite period of time.
  • How are Survival Swim Lessons different from traditional swimming?
    While traditional swim lessons usually take place within a group setting and teach various swim strokes, Survival Swim is one-on-one and emphasizes the skills needed to stay alive if your child were to have an accidental water encounter. This program is designed to teach comprehensive as well as a critical set of water-based skills verses a more mainstream swim instruction class.
  • Why are lessons 4 days a week?
    Lessons are Mon - Thurs 15 minutes a day for an average of 24 lessons. Because consistency is key when attaining skills, this schedule is very important to maintain. Attendance is vital to success in skills. Please discuss with the instructor if you know your child will be missing days. We will be able to best advise you on your best option!
  • Why are lessons only 15 minutes long?
    There is no "one answer" for this - lessons are 15 minutes for a few reasons... firstly, consistency & repetition are crucial elements in learning for kids. It has been shown in research that short, more frequent lessons result in higher retention. Next, kids are known to have short attention spans. It is hard for most to focus on a task for more than 10-15 minutes at a time. We want to make the most of this "learning window" without having them loose interest. Lastly, lessons are work. Period. By having your child "work" for more than the 15 minutes, we are losing their interest, minimizing their retention of skills and wavering into physical fatigue.
  • Why is Survival Swim the right choice?
    Children will learn to float and swim in weeks. That means a shorter period of time before you can feel confident when visiting grandma who has a pool, going camping at the lake, taking a family vacation to the beach or simply just enjoying swimming with your child.
  • Why 15 minutes 4 times a week? And How long before they will swim?
    Repetition and consistency are key to learning life saving techniques around the water. We find that 15 minutes 4 times a week is enough time to learn/practice/retain skills and not be too overloaded by the "work" aspect of the lesson. Every child learns at a different pace. I will assist your child in developing proficient skills in the water. Most children are able to master skills in 24 lessons - however, I do notl ike to put a time limit on his or her ability. Personal attention and care are essential in the learning process and some students may need extra lessons to ensure they have learned the skills needed to save their life.
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