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Start Dates & Registration

Water Babies is not a strict 6 week school.

By providing personalized one-on-one classes that cater to individual skill levels and personalities, students can enhance their confidence and trust, making this program flexible and not bound by a strict 6-week timeframe.


Classes are available Monday through Thursday, from 10 AM to 6 PM. The scheduling system displays only the start dates and time slots open for registration currently. Please note that slots from 3 PM to 6 PM are in high demand and fill up fast. Cancellations for these times are infrequent. If you find these slots are full, you might consider arranging for a sitter or a family member to bring your child at a different time to guarantee your child receives training.

Start Dates

Survival Swim

Beginner & Intermediate

Scheduled to begin tentatively on June 10 and are expected to continue until around mid-October. This course is appropriate for kids 6 months of age (sitting & rolling independently) to 6 years old


Previous Students

The course is tentatively scheduled to start on May 13th and run through May 27th. It is designed for students who successfully passed their swim test with me in the previous swim season. These refresher sessions, lasting 2-3 weeks, will focus on honing and revitalizing the skills acquired in the previous season.


Continuing practice

Maintenance sessions will be offered throughout the season. It is crucial for parents to ensure that their child is practicing enough to uphold their skills. The course is set to tentatively start on June 10th and is projected to run until mid-October. This program is suitable for students who have successfully passed their swim skills test. Maintenance sessions will be available consistently throughout the season and the schedule, and it is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child is receiving an adequate amount of practice to maintain their abilities.

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