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Classes & Sessions


Session Dates

Sessions dates are TBD at this time. Please contact me to be put on the waiting list. Spots will be first come, first served basis. 


How do classes work?
Lessons are 15 minutes long 4 times a week (Monday through Thursday). My classes are paced based on your child's skill level and personality. If your child is timid, we go at a more gradual pace so as not to make them scared of swimming or being in the water. My goal is to have them love being in the water (safely) but also understand that water should be respected.

What if we are late or miss a lesson?
Steady attendance will strengthen your child's confidence while increasing their rate of progress. In turn, fluctuating or inconsistent attendance will decrease chances of success within our 24 lesson sessions. I cannot be held responsible for students who are inconsistent in their attendance if they do not meet our intended goals.

With lessons being 15 minutes, if you are late, you will only be allotted whatever time is left in your lesson. I suggest arriving 5-10 minutes prior to your time slot to ensure an on-time start. 

Absences & Make-Up Policy
Consistency is imperative to success in our program. Your devotion to our class is what makes our program so effective. 
Each student is eligible for 2 make ups per month provided proper notice was given. Once a make-up is scheduled, it cannot be rescheduled again.  Since it is my goal to make as many children as safe as possible during my short season, excessive absences will result in being moved to a less desirable time slot or removed from the schedule completely.
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