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Water Babies is Committed
to Teaching Kids to Survive in the Water Safely & Confidently.


Why Survival Swim


When it comes to ensuring the safety of your child, most parents recognize its importance. Investing in your child's well-being is also an investment in your own peace of mind. The ability for your child to potentially save themselves in the event of an unintentional water encounter is invaluable. Many parents readily spend money on safety products each year without hesitation, yet may hesitate when it comes to the cost of survival swim lessons. Statistics show that one in four drowning deaths are children, with nearly half being infants and toddlers. These tragedies are preventable. It is crucial to change our perspective and view survival swim lessons not merely as a recreational activity for children, but as a vital skill that can prevent a devastating outcome.



[1] Statistics provided by Children’s Safety Network

Learn to swim


Our survival swim program offers intensive one-on-one in-water training, with the goal of teaching your child the essential skills to save themselves in just a matter of weeks. Your child will learn critical techniques such as holding their breath, rolling from a face-down to a face-up position, and swimming to a safe exit when age-appropriate. Our program is designed to equip your child with the necessary skills and confidence to handle unexpected water situations effectively.

Maintenance Course


Maintenance courses are designed for individuals who have already completed the initial survival swim class. Swimming is a skill that requires ongoing practice and reinforcement. Just like you wouldn't expect a child to master an instrument after only six weeks of lessons, it is essential to continue practicing and maintaining the swim float method knowledge. These maintenance courses are typically scheduled once or twice a week and focus on reinforcing and refining the skills learned in the initial survival swim class to ensure long-term retention and proficiency. By participating in maintenance courses, your child can continue to build on their skills and knowledge, ultimately improving their water safety abilities.

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