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Water Babies is Committed
to Teaching Kids to Survive in the Water Safely & Confidently.


Why Survival Swim


When it comes to your child’s safety, most, if not all parents agree it is crucial. To invest in your child’s welfare is to invest in your piece of mind. Knowing that if your child were to have an unintentional interaction with water they could save themselves, is priceless. So many of us do not question spending hundreds on safety products every year, yet we take pause when we see the price of survival swim lessons. One in 4 drowning deaths are children – and of those, nearly half are infants and toddlers.[1] These are preventable deaths. It is important to shift our thinking that Survival Swim is not simply an extracurricular activity to fill your child’s time – but a fundamental skill that can prevent a tragedy.



[1] Statistics provided by Children’s Safety Network

Learn to swim


Your child will learn to swim in just weeks! Through intensive one-on-one in-water training your child will be able to save themselves if they were to fall into the water. They will learn to hold their breath, roll from face-down to face up position, and swim to a safe exit when age appropriate. 

Maintenance Course


Maintenance courses are for those who have already gone through the survival swim class. Swimming is a skill. You wouldn't have your child practice an instrument for six weeks then assume they can play it the rest of their lives. In the same way, it is important to practice these skills to preserve the swim float method knowledge. These classes are given 1-2 times weekly.  

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